[Mig] Cycle Shell

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Those are a couple of good questions. I'm going to need to look into those. I'm in NJ so at times both the snow and wind could be a problem. It does look like it has a framework but not sure how strong it would be.

> My concern is that since it fits fairly tight to the bike, how would the bike be 
> affected by the wind and it snapping in the wind?  Otherwise, it looks like a 
> cool idea.
> Oh, if you're in the north, will it withstand wet snow falls?
> Doodles
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> I was wondering if anyone has tried using this: 
> http://www.cycleshell.com/index.html
> or something similar instead of using a cover. If so was it worth the money? 
> I don't have a garage and doesn't look like I'm going to get one anytime soon. 
> This seemed like it might be better than my dowco cover, even if its a little 
> more work.