Good Thoughts Please

The Gammon Family
Wed, 12 May 2004 20:58:53 -0400

Linda, our best wishes and prayers.

Keep her in your thoughts, the heart has amazing powers. When I was in the
hospital with my little accident, I could actually feel the good vibes from
people. I know some people feel that I'm nuts (and I am) but not on this. It


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> My 2 grandgirls had tonsils and adenoid surgery, plus had tubes put in
> ears last Tuesday. The oldest, 7, is doing pretty good, but the youngest
> (she's 5), may have to be admitted to the hospital this afternoon with
> complications from the surgery. My daughter is waiting for the ENT to call
> back now. Please think some good thoughts for our little NeNe Bean. (her
> name is Pamela Jean, but...........................)
> Thanks ! I know you'll do it!!
> Beka
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