[Mig] FloorBoards

The Gammons gammon@optonline.net
Tue, 14 Sep 2004 23:13:05 -0400

I have the second ones on my 98 rauder. Decent, but not great. Then again I've ground off a lot of the aluminum....... 


http://www.cruisersplus.com/fbfp/appchart5.htm but $$

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  Hello all! I have a 2002 Marauder and was wanting to replace my foot pegs with a more comfortable floorboard but to my dismay they only have them for the passenger!! 
      Is there any place a person can find them? I have looked at all the magazines and even had my local Suzuki guy look in his books but there is nothing. Help! 
      Any ideas or a way I could get a Cobra brand say and make it work?
                                                      Thanks for any help.


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