[Mig] Damn Jeanne!!!

Tina tcrumple@tampabay.rr.com
Tue, 28 Sep 2004 01:13:31 -0400

For those interested in seeing Jeanne's aftermath click here

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I would've helped, but didn't know the directions to ride over there with!

Glad to hear you're ok!


At Monday 11:45 PM 9/27/2004, Tina wrote:

  Hey guys, I got power back on around 8 this evening from hurricane Jeanne.
Glen, Gary, Pam and lots of my family members came over today to help cut my
truck out from under a tree.

  As far as I know Pam and Gary are still without power.

  Surprisingly enough the only damage to my truck was a little scratch on on
side (and it is a little scratch, hardly noticeable) and a broken antenna.
The tree that landed on my truck managed to land and gently lay down on the
bed of my truck without buckling or denting the side of the truck bed at
all.  It didn't even punch any holes in my tonneau cover that I have on the
bed!!  I'm counting my blessings for that!!

  The tree that landed on the patio of the house did some damage.  There is
now a branch through the roof of the patio and a 60 foot tree resting on
that corner of the house.  The tree guys will be here tomorrow with a front
end loader to support the tree off the house so they can start cutting it
up.  Can you say FIREWOOD!!!  I plan on a bonfire one of these weekends when
it is not raining!!!

  That's my damage report.  All is save and unharmed which is the most

  Thanks to those that came out and everyone that offered to come out and
help me clean this mess up!!!


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