Damn Jeanne!!!

Eric Boehm ejboehm@optonline.net
Tue, 28 Sep 2004 19:22:12 -0400

Yo, Tina!

Glad to hear you made it through yet another storm without anything too
serious happening.

I see George made it through OK, too.  Geez, what a year for you guys!

    Eric 379

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> BlankHey guys, I got power back on around 8 this evening from hurricane
> Jeanne.  Glen, Gary, Pam and lots of my family members came over today to
> help cut my truck out from under a tree.
> As far as I know Pam and Gary are still without power.
> Surprisingly enough the only damage to my truck was a little scratch on on
> side (and it is a little scratch, hardly noticeable) and a broken antenna.
> The tree that landed on my truck managed to land and gently lay down on
> bed of my truck without buckling or denting the side of the truck bed at
> all.  It didn't even punch any holes in my tonneau cover that I have on
> bed!!  I'm counting my blessings for that!!
> The tree that landed on the patio of the house did some damage.  There is
> now a branch through the roof of the patio and a 60 foot tree resting on
> that corner of the house.  The tree guys will be here tomorrow with a
> end loader to support the tree off the house so they can start cutting it
> up.  Can you say FIREWOOD!!!  I plan on a bonfire one of these weekends
> it is not raining!!!
> That's my damage report.  All is save and unharmed which is the most
> important!!!
> Thanks to those that came out and everyone that offered to come out and
> me clean this mess up!!!
> ;-)
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