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Martin Cooper cooper6 at swbell.net
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Mine was a 1958 Pontiac Safari Station wagon- I paid a $1 for it in 1967 it
was my fathers company's old delivery car had over 100K in miles when I got
it - drove it for 3 years! It was a tank - Wish I still owned it!
Marty Cooper

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My dad gave me my first car so of course I remember that well - '55 Chevy 2
door Belair.  I also remember buying my first Spridget.  I bought it at a
sports car lot called "Sir Lance's Lot" on Commonwealth Avenue in Fullerton,
CA. in January of 1968.  I bought a '59 Sprite with 70,000 miles for $500.
It was a California car so rust-free of course.  I still have it today.  :-)

Sir Lance's Lot had a whole bunch of British iron on the lot that day.
XK120's/140's, XKE's, MGB's, a big Healey, and various Midget's and Sprites.
I wanted a Bugeye and that was good because it was all I could afford.


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> I was reading a car mag this morning in the reading room, and it occurred
> to me that all of us remember our first car. That's what we do...since we
> are car guys (and gals).
> How many of you remember the place you bought it and the name of the
> salesman (or private seller)? I even remember the names of the rest of the
> sales staff at the dealership.
> I bought my 1963 Sunbeam Alpine Series III in 1968 at Buzz Marcus Motors in
> Glenside, PA. Buzz was an SCCA racer who drove Triumphs. His mechanic was
> Dick Stockton, who also worked on my TR. I think Buzz is still on Facebook
> and living in FL. He opened one of the first Toyota dealerships in the
> area. My father bought his first Toyota there, a 1970 Corona. When Toyota
> exploded (not literally), Buzz sold the dealership and retired to racing
> full time.
> My salesman in those early days was Dave Landis and the other salesmen were
> Bennet Orr and Hap Schmalbach.
> If I can remember the parts manager's name, I'll get back to you. I also
> bought my TR4A IRS at Buzz's, so I became fast friends with the parts
> department.
> Allen Hefner
> Norristown, PA

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