[Spridgets] O.F. memory

Nelson Wittstock k8djc at zoominternet.net
Thu Dec 13 15:39:05 MST 2012

I remember very well the buying of my Sprite.  I was in the USAF in England 
in 1961.  The salesman, Andrew Wilson-Gunn, came to my base and was taking 
orders.  I ordered the car in December.  On January 8 a buddy drove me to 
Donald Healey's dealership in Warwick and dropped me off.  After completing 
the paper work I was shown my new shiny black Mark 2 Sprite.  I was thrilled 
with it.  I was about half way back to my base which was about 50 miles from 
Warwick when the car slowed down and just stopped running.  It took a minute 
to realize that I was out of "petrol."  There was not a house anywhere in 
view.  A kindly passing driver stopped to ask if could help and then drove 
me ten miles to the next town and back again with fuel.  The rest of the 
trip was uneventful but I will never forget that day.  I still enjoy driving 


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