[Spridgets] metallurgy gonna save us all

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I still do this and have a collection of 'chump change' foreign coins for 
the same reason.

In the UK we have had a new dose or batch of magnetic nickel coated steel 
coins and they are playing havoc with many coin operated machines and I was 
recently stuck in a car park for 10 mins because the machine thought I was 
trying to avoid payment by using metal blanks.  The car park operator had to 
send a chap out to operate the barrier.

Guy R Day

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> I well remember my father going out to buy some , what we call 'penny
> washers' i.e. oversized outside diameter. . He came home furious and
> proceeded to drill 3/16" holes in the pennies he had taken to pay for them
> as it worked cheaper to do so and used them as washers on a vintage
> motorcyle that is still going strong today. Legally he could have sent to
> the Tower of London for this treasonous act, but he is long gone now
> wreaking havoc and fixing mechanical things in heaven .
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