[Spridgets] metallurgy gonna save us all

dwoerpel dwoerpel at wi.net
Sat Dec 22 11:04:21 MST 2012

I remember a certain fellow (what's the statute of limitations?) needed 
a new crush washer for the oil drain plug for his 1968 MGB (new at the 
time).  Said currency fit the bill perfectly and was still working when 
the car was sold with 110,000 miles on the clock.  Still mostly copper 
in 1968.
Evad  (sorry Derf)  :-)

On 12/22/2012 4:58 AM, EASTJONES alan wrote:
>   I well remember my father going out to buy some , what we call 'penny
> washers' i.e. oversized outside diameter. . He came home furious and
> proceeded to drill 3/16" holes in the pennies he had taken to pay for them
> as it worked cheaper to do so and used them as washers on a vintage
> motorcyle that is still going strong today. Legally he could have sent to
> the Tower of London for this treasonous act, but he is long gone now
> wreaking havoc and fixing mechanical things in heaven .

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