[Spridgets] How it's made. Episode 498 Judson Rotor.

Dean Hedin dlh2001 at comcast.net
Sat Dec 22 18:44:28 MST 2012

Almost there...Finished the third slot on the second rotor.

It appears that the surplus, gear reduced, drive motor that I had puchased
may years ago for $60
was probably NOT designed to spin a 6" diameter, 3/16" saw blade, through
almost 2" of aircraft 
grade aluminum.

She's starting to make some unhappy noises now.  Sort of an nasty
backlashing sound coming from what I
presume are the "planeteries".  I've re-filled the lube in the gear box with
some extra thick "STP like" 
oil additive I had laying around with the hope that this might help "cushion
the blows" - or so to speak.

I think it is the case that I will be very lucky if I am able to complete
the final slot on the second rotor.

I'm going to keen up the blade with my diamond stone, take very shallow
cuts, and hope for the best.
This final slot may take much longer than the 1.5 hours the others took.

So it is with the way of these things.  The almost perfect combination of a
variety of complex interplays,
taking years in coming together, for a few moments, and then suddenly a link
in the chain breaks and all is lost. 
Wish me luck, and to you all, have a great holiday!

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