[Spridgets] How it's made. Episode 498 Judson Rotor.

Dean Hedin dlh2001 at comcast.net
Sat Dec 22 21:53:23 MST 2012

Hey it's snowing here in Pennsylvannia... 

Slot chip snow. Thought I'd show you the mess that all this makes.

The last slot has been cut.  Yeeha.  

A little lesson learned (if you are ever doing something like this).  
Apply STP to the sides of the saw blade.  It creates a hydrodynamic damper 
that helps reduce chatter.  Made a big difference.

I have one more operation that I am going to do with the big saw.
I'm going to mill a tiny amount of the outside edge of the slot.
On the worn out rotor this sharp edge would dig into the back side of the

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