[Spridgets] merry xmas, now get to work on car.

Mike Rambour lists at dinospider.com
Thu Mar 3 09:08:27 MST 2016

  Yes, car seems fine now.  Well not really, we have a new issue but it 
runs fine and removing/cleaning the fuel system of the silicone seems to 
have fixed the problem.  Too bad I didn't find the silicone before I 
purchased a new fuel pump.  We have found the previous owner had stock 
in a silicone company, even found some in the radiator when we did a 
flush and I think that is why the car runs a little warm. It got in the 
cooling system via the silicone on the thermostat elbow.  There is LOTS 
of silicone around the motor's front plate, I mean LOTS so I am afraid 
it got into the motor as well, we have decided to pull the motor and 
clean it up and reassemble it, since the car has good compression and 
oil pressure, we wont touch the internals, just open it up and re-seal 
it properly.

  Right now I am fighting a squeak/rattle/scraping sound when under 
moving forward only, it does not happen at idle or reverse.  I thought 
it was the driveshaft hitting the exhaust manifold but made some 
clearance and that was not it.  I really hate the idea of pulling the 
motor without knowing what it is first because then I might put the 
motor back in with the same noise.

  But the fuel system is fine now :)


On 3/2/2016 4:59 PM, Linda Grunthaner wrote:
> Figure it out yet? I love the find regarding silicone in the fuel tank.
> Keep going,
> Keep us posted, what you learn we will learn too.
> Linda
> 62 Sprite Pinky
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>     Inner drive-shaft coupling shot?
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>     Hi,
>     Thought I would come back with a status report on the mini that
>     was not running on freeway that I asked about a month ago,
>     remember that far back ? :)
>     I tried everything, I assumed like most of you it was gas related,
>     swapped out fuel pump, swapped out fuel lines, pulled the
>     distributor and checked its advance curve and put in optical
>     points, back to the fuel system as it was still happening.
>     Decided to remove the fuel tank and clean it out inside, I found
>     that the previous owner had used RTV silicone to install the
>     sending unit…BINGO found the problem it was gas all right.
>     Rather large bits of silicone floating around in the tank, one
>     would get sucked into the fuel pickup and stop the fuel flow…car
>     would shut down and silicone would float away to come back later. 
>     Here is a pic oh what came out of the fuel tank.
>     http://singer.rambour.com/stuff/mini/mini_gas.jpg
>     <http://email.onwave.com/wf/click?upn=R-2BvTs-2F-2Ftlhec0duSAY1oaPiOAHfJEqeTY98fS0X3Bp4V5YG2l-2BCpkfr6OJps9pbgpVJyLsOLnA-2F5XXRF5Y4a5A-3D-3D_68BtbQ8I4Z6xhDby2FXQeXsg5vHWWQzdMESuXsTO6qZTM80ENnlJLSBSWmApKqc6LtjxReh0FZMPfzKbsfn-2BwMeTudOdLb-2B-2F-2BtbGJO1GWWV7heBi2MPLJ3-2BgDs7ThKZzQWNwefFSYXiEXsbbqUJH1TrCvZuiF50oNRHxbNcwr6owCdDPweAkwmb4DJ-2BXf-2BmKhKoa4gwZv673zwd8B0AlksC06FoA7ixI-2Fkqx0fP-2BhEM-3D>
>     Car was running fine again until yesterday, new problem, its a
>     squeak/grinding noise under acceleration only no noise when
>     coasting or clutch is in.  Motor mounts feel fine as I thought it
>     was a loose motor allowing metal to metal contact  Can’t identify
>     it but its not the fan belt I removed it and tested that theory…ah
>     the joys of someone else old car problem…
>     Mike
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