[Spridgets] merry xmas, now get to work on car.

Mark Haynes 220caribou at gmail.com
Thu Mar 3 12:33:44 MST 2016

You might check the brake backing plates both on the front and rear, The
fronts are prone to being bent at the attachment point and dragging at odd
times. My MKII had this issue, but it was only when you went through a
corner with great gusto- NOT the time you want to hear grinding noises! The
disc backing plate had been bent by someone (avoid eyes, whistle gently)
who shall remain nameless. Just a thought.

Mark Haynes
It only goes one way- Pay It Forward

  Right now I am fighting a squeak/rattle/scraping sound when under
moving forward only, it does not happen at idle or reverse.  I thought
it was the driveshaft hitting the exhaust manifold but made some
clearance and that was not it.  I really hate the idea of pulling the
motor without knowing what it is first because then I might put the
motor back in with the same noise.
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