[Spridgets] British Car Fixer

Mark mark at nashvilletn.org
Tue Mar 15 15:58:18 MDT 2016

A friend of mine called today and would like to recommission a early 
side curtain Healey 3000.  They put the car in a garage 25 years ago and 
there it has been sitting with no love since.  They live near 
Indianapolis which is just to far for me to help physically.  I would 
welcome a suggestion of a trustworthy mechanic that would recommission a 
poor old Healey to get it running and driving after a long sleep.  The 
owner is not adverse to a rolling restoration if necessary but would 
like to get it running and driving and then determine where to go from 
there.  I am aware of the procedure and just need a warm body that is 

615 943-6328 Mobile

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