[Spridgets] The Curse of Ethanol

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    Ethanol should not adversely effect plastic like your float.   It does corrode alloy and steel bits though.  I've worked on one year old lawn mower carbs that looked New on the outside and looked like the inside had been in salt water for about 10 years. It's eating metal like rocky and bulwinkle's " metal munching moon mice"!  Although the foam looking floats seem to not float in ethanol exactly like they did in gasoline.Just saying...Chuck

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Finally dropped the tank on the Bugeye this weekend to find out why it was reading a constant empty tank.  About 3 or 4 year a go I replaced the original sending unit that had never worked.  For a while it was great be able to tell when to stop for gas without having to get the 3 foot dowel out and dip the tank for a reading.  Recently the gauge would only read empty.  After dropping the tank yesterday and extracting the fuel sending unit it became quite obvious.  The plastic float was full of fuel.  Ethanol had done it's nasty work.  I replaced the cork gaskets for the unit to tank and top cover of the sending unit with Viton gaskets.  I was kind of surprised to find the rheostat cavity full of gasoline also.  I guess it got in through the hole in the sender body for the float lever.  Should I be concerned about this?Mike MacLean

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