[Spridgets] The Curse of Ethanol

Bob Spruck raspruck at gmail.com
Tue May 29 11:28:07 MDT 2018

Bugeye.com has a metal float kit that makes a lot of sense as a solution.

Bob Spruck

On 5/29/2018 11:19 AM, Michael MacLean via Spridgets wrote:
> Finally dropped the tank on the Bugeye this weekend to find out why it 
> was reading a constant empty tank.  About 3 or 4 year a go I replaced 
> the original sending unit that had never worked.  For a while it was 
> great be able to tell when to stop for gas without having to get the 3 
> foot dowel out and dip the tank for a reading.  Recently the gauge 
> would only read empty. After dropping the tank yesterday and 
> extracting the fuel sending unit it became quite obvious.  The plastic 
> float was full of fuel.  Ethanol had done it's nasty work.  I replaced 
> the cork gaskets for the unit to tank and top cover of the sending 
> unit with Viton gaskets.  I was kind of surprised to find the rheostat 
> cavity full of gasoline also.  I guess it got in through the hole in 
> the sender body for the float lever.  Should I be concerned about this?
> Mike MacLean
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