[Spridgets] "Type Y" fuel pump

Martyn Ridley ridleymj at brant.net
Tue May 29 17:37:08 MDT 2018

Ah, the joys of buying at a flea market. Bought a mechanical fuel pump 
for $25 as it looked good  (looked exactly like the original -except).  
Works perfectly except that its arm is 1/4 inch short. Type Y is written 
on the side of the pump so I will know for next time. If you use the 
mechanical fuel pump, log this in your brain for future reference.

Not a waste, used the internals and am back on the road. Cheaper than 
buying a new pump and as those re-build kits are not available, its a 
way to get spares - just don't plan on using it.



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