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Elmers waterproof wood glue , and wooden paint stirring sticks ( free at most places) from the auto paint supply store.  Flatten the panels somewhere with stacks of books on them for a while some place safe first.   They will flatten out after ever so slightly dampening them before heaping the books on them.  ( same process for early Saab rear deck/parcel shelf)Once flat again the paint sticks can be strategically cut to fit and reinforce the rear side of the cardboard panels.   Cover the paint sticks with some clear plastic wrap and pile the books on again.  That keeps the moisture of the glue from warping the panels while the glue dries.   This should preserve the panels , do an invisible reinforcement ( once in place) and keep humidity from making them curl again.ChuckSent from my LG Mobile------ Original message------From: JMFangio via SpridgetsDate: Wed, Feb 5, 2020 11:33 AMTo: [bugeye];Spridgets via Spridgets;Cc: Subject:[Spridgets] Bugeye boot panelsGood Morning all,

so I took a look at the inside of the boot and the cardboard panels that were so nice when installed many years ago have slumped and look terrible.  I was wondering if any of you fine folk had or had considered using fiberglass resin to reinforce them?  

My thought is to get them flat-ish and paint the backside with resin.

What say you all?



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