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The afore mentioned repair will fix the distorted panels faster than an Iowa caucus!ChuckFormerly The Worlds largest Sprite Driver.....Now reduced by 50%.   Sent from my LG Mobile------ Original message------From: JMFangio via SpridgetsDate: Wed, Feb 5, 2020 11:33 AMTo: [bugeye];Spridgets via Spridgets;Cc: Subject:[Spridgets] Bugeye boot panelsGood Morning all,

so I took a look at the inside of the boot and the cardboard panels that were so nice when installed many years ago have slumped and look terrible.  I was wondering if any of you fine folk had or had considered using fiberglass resin to reinforce them?  

My thought is to get them flat-ish and paint the backside with resin.

What say you all?



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