[Spridgets] Bugeye Headlight Combo Switch

Mark Haynes 220caribou at gmail.com
Sun Feb 9 13:09:11 MST 2020

I bought a Green boxed Lucas (not sure if that is new or old) off of Ebay
for mine. I found that the Repop Bezel didn't fit, so I've still got the
original knob, hard to read, but its original. I don't know if this helps
or not.
Mark Haynes
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Has anyone replaced their Bugeye headlight combination switch with one of
the repops from Moss, Vicky Brit, etc. ?? My original switch was rebuilt by
myself when I restored the car in 1999.? The contacts inside are getting
iffy.? I have to jiggle the outer knob to make the headlights come on.? If
I hit a bump in the road the lights go out sometimes.Mike MacLean
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