[VTR] TR3 compression test

Jeremiah Curry jercurry at comcast.net
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Actually that brings up an intersting point,  It seems like when I got the
car it would only try to start with the ignition switched on, but now the
red light on the dash is on whenever the battery is attached, and the key
doesn't seem to change anything.  Any ideas?


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I was going to suggest that you whack the starter a few times with a BFH and
push the button again. And make sure you have the ignition switch ON. (Don't
ask me how I know about THAT hot tip.)


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On a  side note, the starter worked last time I
tried (a few months ago) but now  just spins without engaging.

That possibly could be just a bit of dirt or "flash rust" from moisture in
the air that has bound up the starter Bendix (assuming original type starter

here). It's worth pulling the starter and cleaning the drive as necessary,
don't lubricate it once clean (except maybe sparingly with a dry graphite
type  of lubricant)! Any oily lubricant will only attract dirt and make it

--Andy   Mace

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