[VTR] TR3 compression test

Randall tr3driver at ca.rr.com
Fri Feb 15 21:25:01 MST 2008

> Actually that brings up an intersting point,  It seems like 
> when I got the car it would only try to start with the 
> ignition switched on, but now the red light on the dash is on 
> whenever the battery is attached, and the key doesn't seem to 
> change anything.  Any ideas?

Sounds like a short in the wiring, always supplying current into the
ignition circuit.  Does the light go out when you start the engine ?

I would probably start at the control box, removing the small yellow wire
from the 'D' terminal (which is the wire to the red light on the dash).
First verify that the light stays out with the wire removed, both key off
and key on.  Then check the voltage on the wire with the key off using a
voltmeter or DMM.  If you see 12v on the wire with the key off, there is
definitely a short in the wiring.  (Or another way to do the last test is to
temporary connect the wire to the 'E' terminal of the control box and verify
that the light comes back on, again indicating a short in the ignition

If it still looks like a short, I would next disconnect the ignition switch
to be sure the short is not in it.  Then remove the fuses (which will tell
you if the short is on the white side or the green side of the ignition

If none of that turns up anything, it's probably time to have the dash out
and visually inspect behind it.


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