[VTR] Starter

Randall tr3driver at ca.rr.com
Sat Feb 16 16:46:15 MST 2008

> The armature and coils 
> spin, but the sleeve and pinnion do not.

Might be worth removing the sleeve to double-check, but that sure sounds
like the failure I described.

> If the part you spoke of is no longer available,

The standard part should still be readily available, Moss 549-580 or TRF
LUTLB160.  It's only the "improved" part that is NLA (basically it was
superseded by the gear drive starters now available).

> could I just weld those together or something?

I have heard that trying to weld the drive solid typically results in
something else breaking from the shock, but haven't tried it myself.

>  Or am I looking at buying a new starter?

If you do decide to go that route, and aren't worried about originality, I
heartily recommend the "high tech" gear drive starters.  They weigh less,
take less current (easier to start with a tired battery) and spin the engine
faster for easier starts.  Also since they are a "pre-engaged" design, they
are less picky about the condition of the ring gear teeth (and I think place
less stress on them).  I put one on TS39781LO and the only complaint I have
is that it no longer sounds like a TRactor motor being cranked, more like a
jet engine spooling up <g>

By the way, I should point out that this list is primarily for discussing
matters pertaining to the Vintage Triumph Register as a club.  Technical
discussions of Triumphs should really be on the Team.Net 'Triumphs' mail
list.  Unfortunately MJB hasn't updated all the web links yet, but you can
subscribe by going to

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