[VTR] Goodnight, list?

Glenn A. Merrell - TSN StagByTriumph at triumphstagclub.org
Fri Sep 11 11:58:35 MDT 2009

Certainly if VTR has only put up one support check a while back, I'd say 
their use for the list is long past.

I know it came in very useful way back when I was VTR Webmaster so we 
did not have to do a mail list server on Ken Streeter's server.

VTR is having their board meeting at SLO on the 30th of September so 
maybe have Blake and the new VTR Webmaster bring the issue up to the 
board to see if they will want to support the autox VTR mail server 
lists, and see if they will do an annual support for all the other autox 
Triumph related lists?

I'd like to see the lists go a bit more real time social networks, 
somewhat like Facebook or Twitter, but without the superfluous 
chitchat.  Sort of like,

" Hey, I have this part in my hand, it looks like {this photo embeded}.  
Anyone know which way round it goes?"

And 5 minutes later or less you get a response ...

"Yeah Mate, the end you have your thumb on goes on first.  And BTW, here 
is a link to Club 4's video on the installation {click and view the video}."

I mean in a year or two more, the collective Triumph community can be 
effectively linked anywhere round the world with a Smart Phone and the 
right server.

The Shape of Things to Come?

Glenn Merrell
TSN Admin
mailto:StagByTriumph at triumphstagclub.org

Mark J Bradakis wrote:
> Glenn A. Merrell - TSN wrote:
>> I think VTR has been subsidizing the various autox VTR lists for many 
>> years.  
> Well, I don't know if one check some time ago qualifies as subsidizing 
> for many
> years, but I do appreciate what support I have gotten in various forms 
> from VTR.
> I did manage to make 12 conventions in a row, then  one or two here 
> and there,
> but nothing lately.  I do wish I was heading to SLO for this year's 
> meet, but such
> is not to be.  So it goes.  To those of you you will be there, enjoy!
> mjb.

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