[VTR] Goodnight, list?

Blake J. Discher bdischer at blakedischer.com
Fri Sep 11 13:02:04 MDT 2009


I emailed Mark yesterday morning to suggest he shut it down.


On Sep 11, 2009, at 1:58 PM, Glenn A. Merrell - TSN wrote:

> Certainly if VTR has only put up one support check a while back, I'd  
> say their use for the list is long past.
> I know it came in very useful way back when I was VTR Webmaster so  
> we did not have to do a mail list server on Ken Streeter's server.
> VTR is having their board meeting at SLO on the 30th of September so  
> maybe have Blake and the new VTR Webmaster bring the issue up to the  
> board to see if they will want to support the autox VTR mail server  
> lists, and see if they will do an annual support for all the other  
> autox Triumph related lists?
> I'd like to see the lists go a bit more real time social networks,  
> somewhat like Facebook or Twitter, but without the superfluous  
> chitchat.  Sort of like,
> " Hey, I have this part in my hand, it looks like {this photo  
> embeded}.  Anyone know which way round it goes?"
> And 5 minutes later or less you get a response ...
> "Yeah Mate, the end you have your thumb on goes on first.  And BTW,  
> here is a link to Club 4's video on the installation {click and view  
> the video}."
> I mean in a year or two more, the collective Triumph community can  
> be effectively linked anywhere round the world with a Smart Phone  
> and the right server.
> The Shape of Things to Come?
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> Mark J Bradakis wrote:
>> Glenn A. Merrell - TSN wrote:
>>> I think VTR has been subsidizing the various autox VTR lists for  
>>> many years.
>> Well, I don't know if one check some time ago qualifies as  
>> subsidizing for many
>> years, but I do appreciate what support I have gotten in various  
>> forms from VTR.
>> I did manage to make 12 conventions in a row, then  one or two here  
>> and there,
>> but nothing lately.  I do wish I was heading to SLO for this year's  
>> meet, but such
>> is not to be.  So it goes.  To those of you you will be there, enjoy!
>> mjb.
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