[Zmagnette] Engine Clatter & pressure drop

Gene deRuelle deruelle at att.net
Mon Nov 11 17:07:23 MST 2013

My Magnette did something similar.  It started to clatter going up a hill at 
high RPM, then it grenaded.  It blew a fist size hole in the side of the 
block and noisily expired.  The cause?  Probably a failed rod bolt but there 
was nothing left to make a determination.  You should be glad you had it 
carried.  I'd drop the pan and check out the bearings.

Gene deRuelle

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> Hi all,
>      This is about my TD, but I bet you folks can help.
>      I decided to drive the TD, instead of my Magnette, to our British car 
> club's annual BBQ.  About 25 miles out, running at about 50 mph uphill but 
> not too hot, the engine started clattering and the oil pressure suddenly 
> dropped to about 5 psi.  I had the poor car carried home.
>      Any ideas about what happened? Rod bearing wiped out? Broken rocker 
> arm?
>      If it is one of those things, should I just make the repair, or is it 
> time to have the whole engine rejuvenated?
> Thanks,
> Rick
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