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A stub stack is a short, usually cast aluminium piece that typically fits inside a pancake style filter assembly. It has a radiused edge and smooths the flow into the carburetor.

David Vizard did a lot of work on a flow bench back in the 70s and determined that the turbulence caused by the flat surface of such filters bolted directly to the carburetor could be reduced by installing such a device.

The MGB original air filters incorporate a similar design with an alloy adapter with radiused edges.

Snub stacks are expensive, so I'd only use them for racing or other performance use. Moss does carry an HIF44/6 snub stack for use with the MG supercharger kit.


I run a couple of snub stacks on a Weber 45 DCOE in my race car, again it's a lot of cash for a minor improvement.


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What is a stub stack? Would it allow for a filter that lies closer to the engine than a regular pancake filter?

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