[Zmagnette] Shipping car parts from England

Steven Trovato strovato at optonline.net
Sat Nov 16 16:27:04 MST 2013

The short version is, I am trying to figure out 
the best way to have a package shipped to me from 
England to New York.  Read on for the gory details.

About 4 years ago, I purchased an exhaust system 
from NTG.  For comparison, the shipping was 
£62.60 which I was told was the 10 - 15kg 
rate.  I am currently attempting to have 
something shipped to me from a private party in 
the UK.   The package is 127cm x 16cm x 10cm  and 
about 10kg.  I am trying to figure out how to 
have it shipped for a reasonable price.  I don't 
care how slow it is.  I went to the royal mail 
website, which has a link to parcelforce 
worldwide.  This seems to be where you have to go 
to ship things more than 2 kg.  I entered in my 
data and got a quote of  globalvalue service, 5-9 
days, £104.20.  I tried Fedex, which gave me 
crazy quotes > $300 with a footnote that they do 
not offer services from the origin or destination 
city at this time.  Not sure how they can say 
that and still list a price.  DHL came back with 
a message that they won't take a package longer 
than 120cm.  UPS Expedited showed a price of 
£94.71.  I then read about some "freight 
consolidator" services.  I found 
parcel2go.com.  There I got a quote for express 
saver service at £46.40.  Now, that's a little 
more like it.  Does anyone have any experience 
with this service or others like it?  Does anyone 
have any experience with this sort of 
international shipping?  Words of wisdom are 
welcome!  I have bought things from the UK 
before, but it was always from companies.  They 
would tell me the shipping cost and that was 
that.  This is the first time I have had to get 
more involved in the process.  Thanks.

-Steve T.

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