[Zmagnette] Shipping car parts from England

Steven Trovato strovato at optonline.net
Sat Nov 16 17:58:40 MST 2013


I found this duty calculating website, 
dutycalculator.com, and entered in the 
details.  It said import duty for this is 2.5% 
and duty result is nil because the total value does not exceed US$200.00.

-Steve T.

At 07:14 PM 11/16/2013, Paul Barrow wrote:

>If that were all, you would be home and dry 
>but now they want to hose you too for IMPORT 
>DUTY and will charge you 5 – 10% of not only the 
>cost of the parts but also the shipping cost to 
>help fund more waste on your behalf 
 but this 
>is just the way it is.  Be glad you live in the 
>US and pay it because in the UK it is 5% then 
>they add 20% VAT (France 25%).  If you pay the 
>shipping here then it is $0.00 that they have to assess!!
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