[Zmagnette] Shipping car parts from England

Steven Trovato strovato at optonline.net
Sat Nov 16 17:42:43 MST 2013

Thanks Paul.  I'll check out that link.  Does all 
of this same stuff apply to ancient rusty used 
parts?  To the untrained eye, this stuff will 
look like scrap.  When I have had stuff shipped 
before, mostly new stuff, I've never had to pay 
any import duty.  The sender puts one of those 
little green cards on the package stating the 
contents and value.  Is there some threshold that 
triggers an import duty?  I didn't pay any when I bought the exhaust system.

-Steve T.

At 07:14 PM 11/16/2013, Paul Barrow wrote:
>The first thing to clear up is that shipping 
>anything anywhere now is damned expensive and 
>frankly given the dimensions (not the weight) as 
>I ship and have stuff shipped to me from all 
>over the world I am not actually surprised at 
>the prices.  Sadly it is the price of doing business internationally.
>OK, now we have that out of the way, let me add 
>a kicker - when it gets here you will be pleased 
>to note that most imports of these dimensions 
>attract massive and intrusive Federal 
>investigations.  Yes the Department of Homeland 
>Insecurity will get in on the deal and they will 
>want to know where the parts originated from and 
>where all the component pieces originated from 
>(we all know rubber comes from trees right?? But 
>don’t try telling them that - they want to know 
>it came from Ceylon!!).  And if you don’t know, 
>the best answer I have is that to the best of my 
>knowledge and belief it all comes from the UK.
>If that were all, you would be home and dry 
>but now they want to hose you too for IMPORT 
>DUTY and will charge you 5 – 10% of not only the 
>cost of the parts but also the shipping cost to 
>help fund more waste on your behalf 
 but this 
>is just the way it is.  Be glad you live in the 
>US and pay it because in the UK it is 5% then 
>they add 20% VAT (France 25%).  If you pay the 
>shipping here then it is $0.00 that they have to assess!!
>So where to go for a good shipping price – If I 
>am in charge I use 
>as they are the best I have come up against.
>Hope that answers your question and does so in a light hearted way.
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