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Think you started wrong years....  In '58 I was in college and not was still playing with cars but cars were on back burner.  There was an article, didn't dream it.  Might have been in sports cars illustrated.  But, definitely published.  1956 1957

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> Well I went through 1958 thru 1960 issues of Road & Track today with no sign of an article on building a cold air box for your car. Got sick looking at car prices, especially used sports racer types, and had a lot of fun looking at old racing photos from places like Eagle Mtn. Lake in Ft.Worth, and Galveston Tex. and Mansfield La. tracks all of which I worked on and even drove a lap or two on. Worked as corner flagger, pit steward, and traffic control... All way back before the earth was cool apparently, about 55 or so years ago.
> Anyhow NO info on building your air box. Wait to see what Kelvin’s elves at Moss have to offer. They sure did a bang up job on the supercharger kit.
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