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I can verify that, and it was on but a much simpler MGB.  I did take notes and drawings, and it all fit back together quite easily and nicely.  Wipers ran backwards.  I looked at another B, and it seemed the same.  Had several others, all smarter than me (well, that’s everyone), stick their heads up there, and all agreed “looks right”.  Next, had a brilliant friend take the motor apart, and we tried a number of things with wiring and gearing.  No matter what we did, still ran backwards.  The good thing is, it never rains here anyway, but it was bugging the @#@& out of me!!!  Finally, I turned to God, aka John Twist.  He attentively listened to my sad saga . . . . I can see the twinkle in his eyes now.  He then suggested a couple of things I’d done.   Then he said, he’d had one other customer (he didn’t actually say this, but I’m sure he wanted to!!!!!) as stupid as me, who put their wheel boxes in upside down.  “No”, argued I, “that’s impossible”.  I could NOT have done that, and reviewed all my seemingly valid reasons.  Alas, having exhausted all my fixes, and those of my trusted, knowledgeable friends, I tried it Mr. Twist’s way.  TaDah, of course he was right.  I was, and still am, dumfounded that those wheel boxes can go in so easily and perfectly, and be upside down.


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Mike Hickman has tried to send this message to the list but something caused it to bounce. I'm hoping Mark Bradakis will advise me how to solve it, but in the meantime, responses to Mike's question - below - would be appreciated. 

Mike, it just so happens that I installed my wheel boxes and tubes before installing the scuttle vent, and had no problem. I didn't try to do it the other way 'round.  If you're having  a problem, this might be at least part of your answer. If you do remove the scuttle vent and mechanism, draw a lot of pictures and make notes to yourself on how it comes apart because I remember there were just a whole lot of incorrect ways to put it back together such that everything fits but nothing works!

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  Subject: Wheel Boxes

  Trying to install the wheel boxes in my Magnette and it seems as if it would be easier to install them if the Scuttle Vent is removed, is this the case?



  Mike H.

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