[Zmagnette] H2 leakng at float bowl junction

Steven Trovato strovato at optonline.net
Sun Apr 6 12:09:59 MDT 2014


I will defer to your knowledge on the subject.  Truth is, the carbs 
on my bench right now that will receive the viton seals in my 
photograph are from an MGA, not a Magnette.  My statement about the 
two versions, bolt or stud, was pretty much a quote from the SU 
Carburettors Overhaul, Tuning and Maintenance video that came from 
Moss many years ago.  That there are actually more versions is easy 
to believe!

I also believe that the different versions are interchangeable as 
sets.  To repeat Roger's question, do you have a preference for a 
particular style for reliability and leak prevention?

While we are talking about these carbs, what is your feeling on the 
three hole positions in the fast idle cam?  So far,  "just put it in 
the middle position" is the advice I hear the most.  Do you agree?

-Steve T.

At 08:58 PM 4/5/2014, Fletcher Millmore wrote:
>There are (at least) 3 versions.
>ZA H2 should have
>bolt AUC 1541  (two stepped bolt)
>w/ 2x fibre washers AUC5026  and brass washer AUC5027 underhead (F-B-F)
>  and thin fibre AUC2130 between bowl and body
>Later carbs used  a different bolt arrangement:
>Bolt AUC1835 (single step fat bolt)
>w dished steel washer AUC1887 underhead
>2x AUC 1584 rubber grommet
>Later stud arrangement is:
>Stud ("banjo pillar") AUC1887
>fibre AUC1884 (I think fibre, may be copper, not specified except as 
>"plain") underhead to body
>Flat steel washer AUC1889 against pillar hex
>AUC1584 grommet x2
>Flat steel washer AUC1888
>Nut AJD8206Z
>I believe all of these are interchangeable AS  SETS - but it is V 
>common that they are mismatched and incomplete.
>As I always recommend, lubricate the threads and bolt underhead with 
>Lubriplate, and soak the fibre washers in warm oil for a few hours 
>to eliminate leakage problems.

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