[Zmagnette] Magnette Showroom Posters Pt 1

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I’m not sure if everyone on the Magnette email list has seen
the original showroom posters that were printed for our cars, so I thought I
would take some pictures of the ones that I have in my personal collection and
share them with the group.  All of
these are basically 24 X 36. 
Undoubtedly these are all posted on the internet somewhere, but I
haven’t come across them so I’m taking the leap of faith that some of you
haven’t seen these and that you might be interested in getting a look at them.


I’m including the TF poster because it just looks so damn
good side by side with the ZA and of course they were contemporaries.  The TF painting is signed by J. Pelling
’53, and the ZB is signed by N. Dinnage. 
I am unable to decipher the signature on the ZA and the MK III has no


I apologize in advance to anyone who isn’t interested or is
upset about getting too many emails. 
I personally enjoy the Magnette group so much and have already been the
recipient of so much assistance and invaluable advice from various members that
I have been in touch with, that I am looking for some way to give back to the
group and make a contribution of some sort.  Lacking the mechanical expertise that many of the group
members have, I have to resort to sending some pictures.  


I’ll attempt to send the 4 pictures in two emails, and I
hope they get through to you and you enjoy getting a look at them.






“Safety Fast In Air Smoothed Style”


’57  ZB

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