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Let me know. .I want one of the "hand carried" units...that just ads to the appeal. And shows the high caliber of this group

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</div>As we plod along, a little more information on the badge bars.
This is not meant as a “pressure tactic”, but simply to let you know that  this first batch is being done at no profit to either Trevor or myself, and will be shipped from the UK at no or minimal costs to us, thanks 100% to Trevor’s business contacts.   Here’s an update, as best I know at this point:
The plan is that the first batch of badge bars will be brought over from the UK, possibly in a container of equipment through Trevor’s contacts, or perhaps, Trevor might be able to bring over a small batch as luggage when he crosses the pond on business.   This will essentially be at no-to minimal shipping costs.  From there, they would probably be shipped “internally” to me (or possibly brought from Atlanta to San Diego by a friend of Trevor’s ?????????), from where I can ship them to each person, via FedEx or UPS, etc.   Once this first batch has been brought over and received by each person, then “we are done”, and the remaining badge bars will be turned over to a supplier, and shipped directly from the UK.   Needless-to-say, at that point, the badge bars will be more expensive, as the supplier will want to make some profit, and the shipping will be more.   Not trying to pressure anybody to order, just letting you know the situation.  “Later” will be a more expensive option. 
Where “we” are out now, is that Trevor has a prototype  built, and soon will be verifying the fit, etc.  From there, there will be actual production and chroming.  No time frame is projected at the moment.  I’ll ask Trevor if he can shoot of photo when the prototype is on a car.  Please understand that Trevor is about the busiest person in the world I think I’ve ever met, so no promises about a photo. 
IF this changes your mind, simply let me know OFF group at skirby210 at cox.net 
aka Steve Kirby
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