[Zmagnette] Magnette on Ebay

Steven Trovato strovato at optonline.net
Sat Apr 26 10:31:35 MDT 2014

If you read the description, they are advertising it as a 
reproduction.  They do claim a magneto ignition, however:

This special car is one of the few K3 reps that have been copied from 
the Wilkie Wilkinson/Bellevue garage 1930s modification of utilizing 
a paralleled N series chassis to accept K type axles and brakes. It 
was originally built to its current style by Peter Gregory, but then 
underwent a complete engine rebuild 3 years ago by Mike Zimmermann, 
who thoroughly  sorted the car, and transformed it into the superb K3 
condition which it is today.

Now sporting a 1400cc magneto ignition N series engine, pre-select 
gearbox, and Marshall 85 supercharger,  the car carries 4 ft. K 
series axles, 13" alloy brakes, divided track rod steering and a 
4-star steel high ratio differential.   In addition it has a full 
race dash, correct slab tank body, Brooklands exhaust and VSCC buff form.

It is ready for home and overseas race competition, hill climbs, 
sprints or just fast road touring. It is 'on the button', has a 
really easy gearbox, and is a joy to drive.

Finished in Monza Red, with black leather, aeroscreens & tonneau 
cover, this awesome 100mph machine is ready for what you can throw at it.

So many of these cars have moved out of the UK, and are unlikely to 
come back, that fewer and fewer are coming to the home market.   You 
certainly could not build one for this price,....that's if you could 
get the parts, and think nothing of at least 3 years to do it.

With proper factory built K3s now fetching well a million dollars, 
(and rarely ever for sale), here you can have the same exhilaration 
and experience for a little under 25% of the price.

At 12:17 PM 4/26/2014, Steve Hanegan wrote:
>FAKE! "Using an N Type Chassis with K Type axles"... The K-3 
>Magnette was made two years only 1933 and 1934 - none in 1930... 
>made 34 of 'em including the prototypes... there is another one like 
>this currently in Oregon (up from California)
>Fair copy, but a copy none the less. Giveaways are: hydraulic brakes 
>(the real deal had very effective cable brakes) and distributor type 
>ignition (original had a magneto), the shape of the headlamp/front 
>wing mount and bracing is all wrong...

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