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That's a good one. ...

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I hope you’ve got good brakes, John –
the standard Magnette ones won’t be good enough to stop that color




p.s. apologies to all the English, Irish,
Welsh, Scots, Aussies, Kiwi’s, South Africans and others in the English
speaking world who know I spelt THAT word wrong . . .



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Can I get the ppg color formula for that ?


Otherwise I'm looking at 2010 camaro red.

 It's very close


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Very pretty car! Wish I could have made the Grand Rapids gathering last weekend to see it
up close!


Paint –


I found that this Maroon color changes drastically with the light
applied. My newer painted car will easily show the spread of 3 possible colors
shown on the color chips I have depending on the light. Just for fun I took
some rubbing compound to the original red paint within the doorjamb of my
unrestored car and took a flash picture of it.  Then I took a flash
picture of my restored car and placed them all against some color chips for
these cars (see attached/below).


Results to my eye –


Both of my 1958 ZB cars are very close to the
same shade of Red/Maroon.

Based on the color chips I have they seem to
best match the Cherry Red color chip or the DuPont 83440 color chip (under
flash pics).

The Autumn Red chip seems closer than the
Magnette Red.


Have to agree with Steve that in the end finding the best actual
match is best done with a real sample of the target color.  I used to do
quite a bit of auto painting and matching older color systems wasn’t very
accurate in my recollection.  







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Hi David,


Ooops!  '
Thought I was writing to Martin Peterson.  Too many "Martins"
for my feeble old brain.  I still think the color, though faded in the
pictures, might be my "Autumn Red"  (see below).


Allen & Florrie
Bachelder       =iii=<

Spring Creek Home for Wayward MGs

'57 ZB, '60 A1600,
'65 B, '69 C/GT, '73 B/GT

 Street, MI 48049,




On Aug 11, 2015,
at 11:58 PM, David Martin wrote:



Thank you for the warm welcome but I am going to hand it
off to Martin Peterson, proud owner of a very nice dark red ZB. C I get the ppg
otherwise I'm looking at 22

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