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No reason for impatience. .
As a previous post said. ..a topic may come up time and time again because we are all at different stages of restoration or just started.
I can think of many reasons why the redundancy. .
I had a computer crash 6 months ago and lost all my saved magnette information. .I gave up..
So when I'm ready for my boot templates be ready to answer again...
This is why I love you guy's 

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Steve F.
Please don’t give up on us yet… There is much value in this group, even if we spat like brothers from time to time…
Steve H

On Aug 23, 2015, at 11:15 AM, Steve F via Thelist <thelist at zmgna.org> wrote:
Who do I need to contact to be removed from the list?
Thanks- Steve 

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Steve & Steve, point well taken.  Sometimes things don't become part of our memory when first heard and are not needed at that time.  If anyone becomes boarded at any point the delete key is easy to tap...  (Steve I still have the pattern you shared for trunk pieces, thanks again!).  The one thing we don't have, an easy way to search old postings/replies ---- however, we have people like our 2 Steves which is much better.   Like a class room where you can raise your hand for free! I wouldn't want to see anything changed. Arch

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On Aug 23, 2015, at 11:46 AM, Steve via Thelist <thelist at zmgna.org> wrote:

Thank You Steve.  Well stated and well said.


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For your benefit, I will repeat myself for the umpteenth time…
We are a very diverse group - with a very diverse level of skills, and that 
would (apparently) include the skills necessary to organize and search past 
email messages and tips.
The thing we share is the appreciation of MGs (in general) and of Magnettes 
(in particular).  We are from diverse areas of the country, with diverse 
backgrounds and a very diverse set of skills and talents. What allows us to 
share our skills to the benefit of all is respect for this diversity - and 
respect and civility for those who are not exactly like us or who don’t do 
things exactly as we do.
My dad was a professional golfer. He stood for endless hours on the lesson 
tee repeating his tips and imparting his knowledge over, and over and over again 
until, just at the perfect moment, that knowledge struck a nerve and was 
adopted. This taught me patience. It also taught me to be tolerant of folks who 
may not necessarily “get it” the first, third or 19th time… but will “get it” 
eventually. And, those good folks are just as thrilled to finally “get it” as we 
are to watch their success. Eventually their Magnette will benefit from their 
(and our) patience and courtesy and respect just as much as ours will for 
“getting it right the first time”.
You are a valued member of this group. So are the folks who need to ask the 
same questions several times. I would ask that you respect that and have a wee 
bit more patience (and courtesy) for those with a different skill-set or 
aptitude than what you have.
Steve H. (Hanegan - one “n” in the middle & another at the end…)


  On Aug 21, 2015, at 12:29 PM, Fletcher Millmore via Thelist <thelist at zmgna.org> wrote:
Mr Hannegan has told us all this story, in wonderful 
More thabn once,
I've been reading since before this iteration of 
other Steve has commented.

  time and effort and care others give you out of nothing but care and 
Fucking lazy gimme 


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  I sent this out on July 13, but ???????  Perhaps the only time I 
  will offer a different opinion than Steve Hanegan!  I think the idea of 
  ABS for the door “cards”/(panels) would be OK, and makes sense, but for 
  everything else . . . please read below.  I still have the original 
  patterns, made from Lou’s masters, if folks need them (just cost of 
  shipping  + the photocopying costs).
  July 13: 
  the exact stuff to use is available at any upholstery supply 
  distributor.  Although other materials can be used, such as 1/8” ABS 
  plastic, the “black waterproof panel” is what was actually used.  
  This is one of the few things on the Magnette I have done a bit of research 
  on, starting with my bride and I spending time with Lou, at their home.  
  Some of you have copies of the patterns Diane made that day, with Lou holding 
  the pencil for her!
  We’re also fortunate enough to have a car, in which some of the 
  original panels are in such good shape, that they will be used again.  
  This further verifies what Lou told us in 2000.  Also, I’ve used this 
  material to make door panels and headliner in an old truck I fixed up, and 
  also the door panels, and front and rear quarter panels in a Morris 
  Minor.  It is cheap, and easy to work with.  Cuts with a sharp mat 
  knife, and can be “soft folded” (as is the main rear piece over the fuel 
  tank in the boot) or hard folded.  A soft fold can be easily achieved by 
  running something about 1/4” round on the face (against a straight edge) to 
  which you want to fold “in”.  I use an old Sears cotter pin tool, but 
  whatever.  A hard, “sharp” fold can be achieved by using something 
  like a dullish screwdriver.  Bend along the fold with something like a 1 
  x 4, or metal straight edge, drywall square . . . .  whatever.
  A huge, somewhat national supplier to the upholstery trade is Keyston 
  Bros.  I’m sure they have competitors.   There is one in 
  Raliegh, NC.  Of course they ship.  You can, no doubt, find someone 
  closer, or maybe your local upholster will sell you some, or order some for 
  you.  A whole sheet is about $20.  Here’s a link: http://www.keystonbros.com/subcategory-listing-page/?cat_id=243875&grand_id=9274#p27873    
  It comes in sheets of 39 x 65 and 32 x 48.
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  Hi everyone, 
        Two questions with advice 

  getting ready to redo the boot on our '58 ZB.  Any sugestions as to where 
  to buy 'millboard' to construct the sheet that covers the gas 

  anyone have a spare speedometer 
  I can purchase?  

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