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You wouldn't have to unfold the pillar, it would require cutting the sheet metal just forward of the pillar to get access to the back of the pillar. There is already a couple of holes about 1/1/2" in diameter that you can stick your finger through to access the back of that area.


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I have the Harbor Freight rivnut tool and while it was useful for some destroyed heater mounts on another car, they are not suitable for a door.  There may be better non-HF versions out there.   The HF version uses lightweight aluminum inserts which are probably too small anyway even in the largest size.   

You may want to take advantage of how the Farina Magnette hinges are done, and fabricate something similar.  In the case of the Farina, there is a slot where you can slip the plate in and out!  So instead of unfolding the pillar just cut a small, permanent, slot. 


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