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You wouldn't want to use a Rivnut in an application like this where an
enormous amount of force is applied.  There's a reason the screws are
bedded into a tool -steel plate.  Worst case scenario, a cold rolled steel
plate could be made to replace a damaged one.

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> You wouldn't have to unfold the pillar, it would require cutting the sheet
> metal just forward of the pillar to get access to the back of the pillar.
> There is already a couple of holes about 1/1/2" in diameter that you can
> stick your finger through to access the back of that area.
> Wray
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>  I have the Harbor Freight rivnut tool and while it was useful for some
> destroyed heater mounts on another car, they are not suitable for a door.
> There may be better non-HF versions out there.   The HF version uses
> lightweight aluminum inserts which are probably too small anyway even in
> the largest size.
>  You may want to take advantage of how the Farina Magnette hinges are
> done, and fabricate something similar.  In the case of the Farina, there is
> a slot where you can slip the plate in and out!  So instead of unfolding
> the pillar just cut a small, permanent, slot.
>  -John
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