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Kelvin, there was a write-up on modifying the upper A arm to bolt on the MGB spindle, I probably have a copy somewhere and will look for it tonight.
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Hi Mike. 
I was waiting to see if anyone had the standard adapter brackets, but the conversation went off into newly designed kits that are not ready yet. 
The standard way of doing the conversion is to source a pair of used MGA MkII disc brake, disc wheel front hubs.  These slide straight on to the Magnette spindle and allow you to bolt on a pair of new MGA brake rotors. 
To fit a pair of calipers, an adapter bracket is needed which is unique to the Magnette and is available from time to time. Nowadays, this allows you to bolt the MGB brake calipers on. Re-use, or buy new Magnette brake hoses and you are done. 
The difficulty with this conversion is finding a pair of good MGA used disc brake hubs and finding someone who can supply the caliper adapter bracket which is a custom made piece. 
Evidently there are at least two people working on alternative disc brake conversion kits, but nothing immediately available. 
There is another school of thought which mounts the entire MGB vertical link directly onto the Magnette, but this requires modifying the A arms. I’ve not seen a solid write up on this procedure, but I’m all ears as I have a project that could use this exact conversion right now. 
Hope this helps
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I’ve no reply from anyone regarding assistance with locating  a conversion for front disc’s for my Magnette. So presume no one has a set.
But if bits and pieces are out there form an MGA or MGA’s from which I can assemble two units, perhaps someone has assistance to me here ?
Bit of a let down no one has at least made a comment or two!
Mike – Calgary

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