Ray Gibbons 
Ray and Kermit 
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Walter Ray Gibbons, Ph.D. 


Professor of Physiology and Biophysics 

Ray was a welcome regular on the British-Cars list for several years. Ray was always quick to help and quick of wit, and often brought a smile to our day. It was a great day when Kermit the Frogeye made it back to the road after restoration. Here's a couple pieces he wrote or worked on:
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From Glen Wilson:

 On 04/07/97, W. R. Gibbons wrote:



Dr. Gibbons investigates the ionic basis of electrical activity in cardiac muscle, and the mechanisms that link electrical activity and contraction in heart. Work from his laboratory recently demonstrated that a chloride current is regulated by intracellular calcium levels in heart. This current helps repolarize the cardiac action potential, and is likely to contribute to some types of arrhythmogenic electrical activity. Work is in progress to define the contributions of this current to electrical responses of the heart, and to understand the basic properties and regulation of the current.



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