Team.NetAutojumble Mailing List is a mailing list intended primarily for the distribution of commercial messages related to the automotive mailing lists here at Such messages are inappropriate for any of the regular automotive related mailing lists served from this site.

This list is moderated, which means that all submissions sent to it are screened by the list manager. Basically the screening consists of just checking to see if the message is appropriate for the target audience, and possible reformatting or editing of poorly constructed text.

Using the List

If you have something which you would like to be distributed to this mailing list, send your mail to

Due to the moderated nature of the list, there will likely be a delay before you see your post sent to the list, varying from minutes to days, depending on the workload of the moderator.

Like the other lists served from, this one, in both regular and digest form, continue to exist through the volunteer efforts of the list manager, Mark J. Bradakis, The list manager retains the right to make any and all changes to list content, membership and policies, including dissolving the list, at any time as he sees fit.


To unsubscribe from autojumble, send only the following in the body (not the subject line) of an email message to "":
unsubscribe autojumble


unsubscribe autojumble-digest

This will unsubscribe the account from which you send the message.

If you get the reply back that you are not a member of autojumble or autojumble-digest, then you may want to use majordomo's 'which' command to see what address majordomo used to put you on the list. For instance, if you tell folks your address is

but your mail headers really claim your messages are from

You may need to send the command

which diploma.mill

Then, if majordomo sends back a note saying that

is on the list autojumble-digest, you'll have to send the command

unsubscribe autojumble-digest

When you send some other request which majordomo doesn't understand to the address, you should get back a help file explaining the commands majordomo does understand.

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