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United Kingdom
General Registrar - Bob Charlton
Registrars for the 6 Cylinder car Types
Type 400Bob Charlton
Type 401Graeme Browne
Type 402pro tem General Registrar
Type 403pro tem General Registrar
Type 404Barnaby N Swire
Type 404/X (Arnolt) Andrew M J Blow
Type 405Stephen Wall
Type 405 DStephen Wall
Type 406Barnaby N Swire
Miscellaneous 6 tem General Registrar
Registrars for the 8 Cylinder car Types
Type 407Theodore de Rosé
Type 408pro tem General Registrar
Type 409pro tem General Registrar
Type 410Geoff Hawkins
Type 411Christopher PK Smithies
Type 412Laurence M Cook
Type 603Martyn I Greensmith
Christopher handles all variants of Type 411
Laurence handles all variants of Type 412
Martyn handles all variants of Type 603
  All UK DVLA form V765 enquiries are handled by the General Registrar 
Club and Associate Club Registrars
BOC Mid EastJames J Calladine
BOC IndiaJeremy J brade
BOC USA and CanadaPeter McGough
Arnolt Registry USAPost currently vacant - awaiting info
BOCA AustraliaBill Russell
BRoNZ New ZealandLane Smytheman
  A number of Registrars can now be contacted via E-mail and their contact addresses are as follows ; 
letter BOC General RegistrarBob Charlton
letter BOC 401 RegistrarGraeme Browne
letter BOC Arnolt Registrar Andrew MJ Blow
letter BOC 405 Registrar Stephen Wall
letter BOC 405 D Registrar Stephen Wall
letter BOC 411 Registrar Christopher PK Smithies
letter BOC Type 412 Registrar Laurence M Cook
letter BOC Type 603 Registrar Martyn I Greensmith
letter BOC Registrar (Middle East) James J Calladine
letter BOC Registrar (India) Jeremy J Brade
letter BOC Registrar (USA and Canada) Peter McGough
 Arnolt Registry USA Post currently vacant - awaiting info
letter BOCA Registrar C/o.Hugh D Knox Bill Russell (Australian Registrar)
letter BRONZ Registrar Fao Lane Smytheman Lane Smytheman (New Zealand Registrar)

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