Bitter Type 3 Sedan

The official press release:

We and our Automobile
Our team of specialists has been manufacturing cars for the enthusiasts for more than 20 years. These are cars for the connoisseurs who are searching for the exceptional and will only accept the extraordinary, if technical perfection is assured. We make dreams come true for the individualist. The Bitter Automobile GmbH was founded in 1971 and since that time we have been busy with the development, engineering, production and sales of unique automobiles. The production of our first model, the BITTER CD, started 1973. The CD was based on the very reliable components and platform of the Opel Diplomat V 8. 1977 began the development of the BITTER SC. This Coupe uses the mechanics of the Opel Senator.
AND NOW THE BITTER TYPE 3. To create this sedan we have blended the best contemporary automotive elements available, combining the newly released and widely acclaimed General Motors of Europe Opel Omega chassis, with a stunningly proportioned classic body, that is futuristic and unique, at the same time reflecting the great heritage of Bitter Automobiles. The Design is futuristic in its form and it is unique and elegant. The rear compartment is dramatic in its spaciousness, and the interior appointments combining the finest classic materials, are without peer. In the contemporary world, where many forms of automobile exist, this car must be, and can only be, a Bitter. A supply contract with Adam Opel AG, the European arm of General Motors Corporation USA, makes the realisation of this model possible.
The use of components from the production line of a proven product will guarantee the owner a long car life without problems. Despite the exclusive appearance of the BITTER Type 3, this elegance in motion is a solid and reliable car because the mechanical components are proven thousands of times over. Another name of long and excellent European heritage guarantees quality, up to the last detail; Karmann. This reknowned company will manufacture and assemble the Type 3. Karmann, Osnabruc can look back to a long list of automotive creations. Large international companies have placed their trust in the expertise of the Karmann specialists. With the new Type 3, Bitter is fulfilling the dream of the sophisticated customer for a vehicle which reveals from the first moment the good taste of the connoisseur. The Bitter Type 3 is a true successor of the BITTER CD and the BITTER SC. Both of which at their time, represented the utmost elegance and perfection to those seeking something special in an automobile. What may have come to be expected after more than 20 years from Bitter- Automobile is now being offered in this Type 3. We would be very pleased if you would like to become one of the elite group of BITTER owners. Erich Bitter and his team.
End of press release.


3-litre-V6, 24 Valves, sequential, electronic fuel injection, dual catalytic converters, hp adequate for this sort of luxury sports sedan (turbo charged)
Rear wheel drive, electronically controlled, 4-speed automatic with 3 programs - Economy, Winter, Sport or 5-speed manual stick shift at no extra cost ratio: 3,70
Self levelling with Mc Pherson strut front axle and multi-link-rear axle gas-pressure De Carbon shock absorbers, traction control, limited slip differential, programmed damping
Aluminum 71 /2 x 17
225/55 R17
Dual circuit system hydraulically assisted, vented discs, anti lock-system
4-door, 4 seater luxury sedan, corrosion protected, two layers of finish, side crash protected doors
Standard Equipment:
All leather interior with wood inlays, velour carpeting, velour lined trunk, passenger side compartment with lock, laminated front wind shield, rear window heated and with built in antenna, all tinted glass, pop up head lights, electronically remote controlled outside mirrors, heated, plastic bumpers steering: multiple action hydraulic servo-servotronic, theft-alarm, electronic immobiliser front seats 8 times electronically adjustable with memory control and heated, back rest incorporating electronically operated folding table, active-seatbelt system, two (2) full-size airbags, power windows front and rear, air condition FCKW-free, clean air filter system, infra red central locking, speed control, bord computer, check control system, tachometer, radio CR prepared,10 loud speakers, preparation for telephone installation.

Contact addresses:

Auto Bitter Group Inc: 15237 Sunset Bldv, Suite 74, Pacific Palisades, CA 90272, USA, Phone/Fax: (310) 573-6246
In Germany: Bitter Automobile Manufacture Gmbh: Pf 208, Nordstrasse 3, D-58315 Schwelm, Germany. Tel: (02336) 92940. Fax: (02336) 929-449

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