I've seen messages in newsgroups and in mailing-lists concerning pictures about such cars as the Jaguar XJ220, Bugatti EB110 etc. etc.

Let me present You a selection of some of the finest among the current and near-current exotics.

Let's see a menu what cars'd be found in this page: (last updated on the 31st of January, 1996).

Jaguar's present, supercat, the XJ220

Photos courtesy of Bolko Rawicz (brawicz@sfu.ca)

This car, according to John Lamm's wonderful article (Cat Tracks on p. 66 of the Exotic Cars '94, Road&Track specials) started as an off-hours company project in the mid-Eighties, a chance for engineers and designers to exercise their imaginations in creating the ultimate Jaguar... First conceived as a 4-wheel-drvie machine with a V-12 engine the XJ200 was a hands-down winner from its debut at the 1988 Birmingham Motor Show. When the final go-ahead has been given, in the end of 1989 the specification has been dramatically changed: no V12, no 4WD. The twin-turbo V-6 although develops 542 HPs at 7000 rpm was not enough for buyers, so most of the buyers ceasing their orders.

Technical specifications:
Engine: 3492cc twin-cam V6, 24 valves, quad camshafts, mid mounted, 404 kW (542 bhp)@7000rpm, 642 Nm (475lb/ft)@4500rpm.
Rear-wheel drive.
Chassis: bonded aluminum unitary frame.
Brakes: 4-wheel ventilated discs.
Dimensions: Wheelbase: 2640 mm (103.9 in), l/w/h: 4930/ 2220/ 1150 mm (194.1/ 87.4/ 45.3 in)
Top speed: 320+ km/h. (212+ mph)
Acceleration: 0-100 km/h in 4 sec (0-62 mph)

Although Bugatti went into receivership the EB110 has to be mentioned here.

Photos and part of the info about the Buggati EB110 SuperSport courtesy of Bolko Rawicz (brawicz@sfu.ca)

The Bugatti revival started in 1987. The foundations of Bugatti Automobili were laid in Campogalliano during the summer of 1988, and the official inauguration followed on the 15th of Septermber 1990, whilst on the same date the previous year, the opening of the Ettore Bugatti Cultural Centre in Ora (Bolzano), the Bugatti companies' programmes were disclosed. EB110 refers to the 110 years (in '91) since the birth of Ettore Bugatti. The EB110 was unveiled in Paris 1991. In Spring 1992, the EB110S was presented in Geneva.
In early 1993 the EB110 GT finally entered production. According to Autocar up to date only 154 EB110s have been built - and that number includes cars still on the assembly lane. Bugatti doesn't release sales figures, but the sale of Lotus shows the size of the financial troubles.
Bugatti went into receivership in late 1995 and to the surprise of everyone Artioli saved the Bugatti trademark: it is owned by the Luxembourg-based Bugatti International. It was a dirty trick, so I won't think Artioli will be back again.

The technical details of the EB110 SuperSport (this is not the normal version):
Engine: V12 (bore x stroke: 81 x 56.6 mm), 3500 cc. Mid-mounted lengthwise DOHC 60-valve water-cooled. Constructed of aluminum and titanium. Bugatti multi-point fuel-injection. 4 IHI turbochargers. 3-way catalyzers. Power: 611 BHP (450 kW) at 8250rpm. Torque: 650 Nm at 4200rpm.
Driveline - Permanent 4-wheel drive.
Torque distribution: 27% front, 73% rear.
5-speed manual transmission.
Chassis - Single-block in carbon fibre frame. Independent suspension front and rear.
Brakes:ventilated discs, power-assisted, Bosch/Bugatti ABS.
Dimensions: wheelbase: 2550 mm, l/w/H: 4400/ 1960/ 1125 mm.
Front track: 1550 mm. Rear track: 1.618. Weight - 1418 kg.
Performance: Top speed: 355 km/h. Acceleration: 0 to 100 km/h in 3.4 sec.1 km from standing start: 18.8 sec. Power-to-capacity ratio: 171.4 HP/litre. Weight-to-power ratio: 2.36 kg/HP. Fuel consumption: 22 liter/100 km.
Special features: Rear spoiler rises at speeds above 120 km/h and lowers when speed falls below 80 km/h.

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Lamborghini Diablo SE30

Here's one of the latest versions, the SE30. Only 150 are made. It was presented in October of 1993, when Lambo celebrated the 30st anniversary of its car making history.

It is powered by a version of the 5.7 litre V12 engine, with a power of 386 kW (525 HP) @ 7200/min, an a torque of 580 Nm @ 5200/min.
Lighter weight and even more power were major development targets. Light weight being hig priority, the S.E. is based on the rear-drive Diablo, rather than the all-wheel-drive VT. The weight quioted for the S.E. is 1450 kg (3200 lb). This not only has called for the deletion of the air conditioning system and the radio (which, along with power-assisted steering, remain options), but also has entailed some extensive re-design and a more widespread use of light alloys and carbon-fiber materials.
In the cockpit, the lowered instrument cluster of the VT model has been adopted, while leather has been replaced with a much lighter synthetic covering. A nice touch is the reproduction of the original Lamborghini badge of 1963 in the center of the newly designed steering wheel. Top speed: 331 km/h (206 mph) and 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) 4 secs.
Latest news: Lamborghini presented the ultimate Diablo, based on the SE30, named as Diablo SE30 Jota. More power, less weight. Stay tuned!

Dodge Viper I don't want to present here the "normal" Dodge Viper. For me it's too common. It's sure exotic, but it's "mass" produced. So here goes a one-off version, the Michalak Challenge/R.

The Michalak Prototypen + Design Gmbh, an engineering firm from Germany specialized itself designing various parts of cars (e.g. handles of the Audi A8 etc.) From time to time they present a prototype to gain interest of their work.

This year they presented a converted Challenger. As one of the designers, the Hungarian-born Gabor Herczeg told me they got a wrecked nose Chrysler Viper so they chose to transform the nose instead of repairing it. They also modified the windshield: it's now asymmetrical. They also placed a rollbar so the car look more racy.

Gabor also told me how bad the quality of the Viper is: "It's only a year old and it already rusts over".

Doge Viper GTS

From 1996 there's a closed variaton on the market of the Dodge Viper. The Viper GTS Coupe will be the the Pace Car of the 1996 Indy 500 race (see the pictures)
The Dodge Viper GTS Coupe includes as standard an 8.0-liter, 450-horsepower, aluminum V-10 engine; an all-aluminum double-wishbone suspension; dual-airbags; air conditioning; power windows; electronic door latching with locking feature and security system; adjustable pedals; ligthweights seats with active unibelt restraint system; polished aluminium wheels and six-speaker CD system.
Sales will start from the spring with a MSRP of $66,700.

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