Lister Storm

"The supercar for the real world"

The history of Lister Cars in England goes back 40 years in GT racing. Currently they're building the Storm, a Jaguar V12 engined supersportcar claimed to be capable of 200 mph (320+ km/h) and can carry not just four adults, but a complete set of golf clubs and trolley. Sounds fascinating isn't it?
Just don't take a look at the price tag: 219,750 pounds. It's 70,000 more than a Ferrari 456 GT but this car is far more exclusive: only a dozen or so leaves the Leatherhead factory every year.
Laurence Pearce, leader of Lister Cars started to realise his dreamcar in 1991.

"We started off with the engine dimensions as the main reference points. Then the windscreen position was added; that gave us the location of the A aand B-post. After that we dropped the gearbox in and put the outer shape on. Having determined these vital points, it was essentially a question of seeing where the rest would go." - said Pearce.

Mike Hughes designed the body, which came out with a Cd of 0.35, but the series-Storm has 0.32

The first prototype was completed in July 1992 and has undergone consistent, rigorous testing for evaluation and rectification.

Details about the Storm

The capacity of a stock 5.3-litre V12 powerplant has been increased to an seven litres with appropriate modifications to the heads. The official output of the engine is 594 bhp @ 6100 rpm and a torque of 580 lb ft @ 3450 rpm.
It's been driven to the rear wheels via a six-speed Getrag gearbox (it works in the BMW 850i as well).
The chassis, which bears all this power is made of an aluminium honeycomb monocoque with bonded-carbon fibre body panels and roof.
The Storm aims to be an everyday supercar. The interior features Connolly leather, Wilton Carpet, Kenwood sound system and air-conditioning/climate control and there's a large boot not to mention enough legroom at the rear.
According to road tests the steering isn't so easy on bumpy roads, but who cares? Take this car to the open, wide (the Sulthan of Brunei has one...) highway and chase the clouds!


The Storm's 1664 kg kerb weight has been reduced to 1050 kg with this GT racer. It took part in the 1995 LeMans race. I'll have, hopefully some photos soon.
The 7-litre engine pumps out 755 bhp @ 7900 rpm and has 558 lb ft torque at 5200 rpm.
More details soon to come.

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