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Mitsubishi in Geneva 1995
Mitsubishi in Frankfurt 1995

Mitsubishi in Geneva

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New Mitsubishi Space Gear. Mitsubishi created its new MPV. More than 10 years ago Mitsubishi was one of the pioneers of the newfly found MPV idea with the Space Wagon.
The new Space Gear is front-engined with a Cd of 0.36. Inside there's room for 7-9 people. It depends on which seat configuration You are using.
There are three engines to chose from: 1997 cc with a power of 85 kW (115 hp), 2350 cc, 97 kW (132 hp) and 2476 cc turbodiesel 73 kW (99 hp).
Dimensions: length/ width/ height: 4595/ 1695/ 1855-1965 mm (depends on variation).
Also after Amsterdam the Carisma was in the focus of attention.
And here's a picture about the Rally Lancer:

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Mitsubishi in Frankfurt

Mitsubishi exhibited a prototype of the Carisma which is prepared for the German Supertouring race series.
There was the European premier of the American made Eclipse.
Also two prototypes tried to grab the visitors' attention:

This car is the latest of the HSR sports car concept series. It has the new ICDIGE (in-cylinder direct injection gasoline engine).

The ICDIGE engine
Several other features: "A flip of the Multi-mode open top" switch transforms the HSR-V from a coupe into a targa top, and vice versa. There's a system which lowers the car and makes the seat slip backwards a bit when the driver enters in the car.

The Gaus hints on the next-generation Space Wagon. Let's hope it won't be this crude.

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