Re: parts catalogues

From: Jarrid Gross (Yorba Linda, CA) (GROSS(at)
Date: Thu Oct 16 1997 - 16:09:00 CDT

Curt wrote,

>The web site is Classic Sunbeam not Sunbeam Specilties, you can reach
>site at Yes, we have imported some of the
>(Classic Car Developments) panels on special orders. It serves no
purpose to
>stock a large amount of panels that no one purchases. Basically every
>that is made can be purchased through a vendor in the US. One note,
some of
>it (not the CCD stuff) is pure junk and I would rather not put it in
>catalog or web site.

Is this hand beat pieces, or has someone gotten the old dies/fabricated
new ones.

How does CCD campare to the quality and fit of the ellusive Rob Martel?

Where "besides VB" is the junk coming from?

Jarrid Gross.

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