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Re: Triumph Road Racers-SVRA Event

To: "Alexander Joseph H" <>,
Subject: Re: Triumph Road Racers-SVRA Event
From: "Bob Kramer" <>
Date: Tue, 27 Oct 1998 22:28:27 -0600
I'm not sure if I can make it or not. My race group has events the first
weekend in May and the last weekend in June, so the dates are probably OK.
I'm not sure if my car is up to SVRA standards. The car is pretty mild, but
we are allowed to run 6" wheels and Yoke 008Rs tires in CVAR. What would
they do to me classwise? and what are the wheel/tire rules?

I finally got past my problems this year. Ran three weekends, 6 sessions
each and didn't miss a lap. I just bought a timing light to measure the
advance and get better control over that major detail. Plan to raise the
compression a little, add 4.10's, an O/D and new hubs/axles over the break.
We race again Feb 13/14.

How's the new car coming?

Bob Kramer, Austin TX
Hill Country Triumph Club
TR6's, TR250's, TR3A vintage race

>Quick Questionnaire:
>I am preparing a preliminary list of entrants for planning purposes in
>support of this exciting 'challenge' event by SVRA....
>If you have a race prepared Triumph(s) and would like to consider entry to
>SVRA's MG/TR Challenge at Mid-Ohio 10-13 June of 1999, please submit:
>Your Name
>Model Of Triumph
>Your Location
>SVRA no longer requires a mandatory membership to run this event. A VMC
>member club license is required or driver qualifications will be looked at
>on an individual basis.
>If you know of someone who would be interested, but is no e-mail enabled,
>please submit their name.
>Reply directly to this message or
>Joe Alexander

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